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Occupational Therapy

This is defined as a health and rehabilitation profession that assists individuals of all ages who have had an injury, illness, cognitive impairment, mental illness, developmental, learning, or physical disability to maximize their independence. The goal is to maximize a person’s independence in all aspects of daily functioning. Various performance areas such as activities of daily living, work and productive activities, as well as play and leisure activities, guide the practice of occupational therapy. Treatment sessions focus on engaging individuals in meaningful and purposeful activities to assist them in achieving their goals so they reach their optimal level of independence, productivity, and satisfaction.

This allows the individual to have a sense of increased self-efficacy, autonomy, purpose, competence, and especially wholeness. Occupational therapists play a pivotal role in the evaluation and treatment of an individual who has sustained a brain injury. The focus is to approach the individual’s care in a holistic manner. This involves engaging the individual as well as family, to thoroughly understand his or her medical, vocational, social, and emotional history. An occupational therapist will utilize the information obtained to guide the treatment program and more accurately evaluate the individual’s level of impairment in the various performance areas.